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What’s On My Design Wall

Instead of working clue # 4 for Orca Bay, I spent time on my log cabin quilt.  I know doesn’t fit on my design wall — the wall is only 60 x 80.  Since I designed the layout I know it’s supposed to be  84 x 98 when it’s finished.  But — WOW! — this is a big quilt.  I don’t think I realized just how big.  Lately most of my quilts are in the vicinity of 60 x 74 so the extra 24 inches is somewhat overwhelming.  I’m so glad I didn’t try to do this in rows.

As I was sewing the blocks and rows together, my leader/ender project was the HST Squares for Ocean Waves — I’m up to 1030 – only 554 more to go.  No picture today – but I do have the blocks in the top right quadrant of the quilt sewn into rows.

I say I didn’t work on Clue #4.  More accurately I didn’t sew on Clue # 4.  I’ve got the foundation papers cut and I pulled more purple strips, squares, rectangles and triangles  from my pre-cut boxes  and pressed a few strings.

But, all the other parts are done.  I’ve got them pinned in groups of 10 and tossed into my mom’s knitting bucket.

To how others are doing on their Orca Bay quilts, check out the links over on Bonnie’s blog.  Judy’s blog  has links to design walls.  Finally, if you are looking for my giveaway — here’s the link.

5 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. love the log cabin layout-
    like your Orca bay organization, that’s going to be a great quilt (I’m not participating) but love watching everyone else’s progress.

  2. I can’t wait to see the results with your colors on the Orca Bay. I would have chosen Purple as well instead of the red. Who gets the Log cabin? Guess you’ll be making an appointment over at the quilt shop to quilt that one.

  3. Your log cabin is just beautiful. I look forward to seeing the whole quilt. The purples you have ready look great. Have fun sewing.

  4. OH my look at that log cabin quilt, it’s a beauty!! Holy smokes!!!

    You’re purple string blocks are going to look great.

  5. Your log cabin quilt is beautiful!

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