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What’s On My Design Wall

This morning Ocean Waves is back up on the wall, as Playing With Jacks is being quilted.

My guess is I’m halfway through the quilting and will get the binding on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then I really need to work on finishing Frog, the purse and Diamond Links.  Ocean Waves will continue to be a work in progress for a while.

Friday, my brother-in-law told me he wanted my Autumn Splendor quilt.  I dug through my yardage to see what, if anything I could come up with for a backing.

I think this brown fabric will be great for this quilt.  Now to get some of the other stuff done first.  And while I was digging I found 3 yards of a neutral/background that I can use for my Scrappy Irish Chain.

Sometimes I’m surprised at what I find and/or can make work in my stash.  When I finally cut into the background I’ll list this on my quilts in progress tab.  Until then those 4-patches are simply orphan blocks.

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4 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. apparently I was not the onloy blogger digging around in my stash looking for something this past week as I see you found some treasures too!

  2. Stashes are great, aren’t they?! I know people who buy exactly the amount of fabric they need for each quilt and nothing more–so sad–LOL! Love your projects.

  3. The ocean waves is gorgeous

  4. Your Ocean Waves is fabulous! And I find that it is so much fun to go digging and find things, and projects that have been buried and forgotten. That happens a lot in my world.

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