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What’s On My Design Wall

This past week there hasn’t been much time at the sewing machine.  First there was 4 days on the road and then when I got back I wasn’t able to sit at the sewing machine for any length of time, as I twisted my ankle and knee when I went bowling.   Needless to say, I did not haul my sewing machine to the 2nd Friday sew-in and took my red work.  By the end of the  night I had finished the first piece except for the two snowflakes on the right side of the piece.  Then I pulled out the holly leaf piece.  I’ve worked on it on and off all weekend and I am half way finished with it. At this rate I might have a quilt top in a year or so.

When I did sit a the machine I worked on sewing the Ocean Wave blocks into rows.  There a row missing from the wall — it’s on my sewing table.  I have a few half blocks to make and attach, then I can sew the rows together.   — that star hanging out there was from a couple of weeks ago.  It’s still waiting on the Bells block for the UFO challenge.

This box contains the Part 4 of Orca Bay.  I’ve been working on them as leader enders for the past few weeks and finished up the last of them Saturday.  Now I’m sewing pinwheels together for the Ocean Wave border as leader/enders.  I’m going to need a new L/E project before too long.

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4 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. You are making progress on all fronts… I just did a little embroidered piece and loved it even though I did something wrong… it’s still cute. Your ocean waves is looking great. Keep plugging away! B.

  2. Busy busy :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. I did/am doing the same pattern, only in all blue instead of redwork. I only worked on it in the car. You can get a lot done in a 10 hour drive from Texas to Missouri (that’s home) and 10 hours back to Texas. It took me almost a year. The embroidery work is complete, the patchwork blocks are complete. Now to get it set together and quilted. Hopefully by Christmas!

  4. I am impressed with how much you have gotten done. Good idea to do Orca as a L/E. It just looked like way too many little pieces for me but doing it your way it might not look so hugh. And what fun you will have when it is time to put those pieces together.

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