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What’s on My Design Wall

Two pictures today.  First, up on my actual design wall is my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler swap block quilt.  I’m not quite halfway done with piecing it together.  I ran out of steam and decided some thing absolutely had to be done in my sewing room.

Normally (and I really would like to have a new normal) there are two milk crates, two file boxes and a basket sitting on the hearth which only allows me to use a bit over half of my design wall.  So, when I put this up, everything got shifted on to the floor.  Then I wanted a picture, so I had to unstack everything, so it was wall to wall boxes.

Then, I wanted to take a picture of the quilt top Boxy Stars.  This is a group project using Bonnie Hunter’s pattern.

In order to get this picture, I had to shove the ironing board out of the way and all of the boxes got shifted around again.  Needless to say I have a mess.

But all is not bad.  I’ve hauled a suitcase out of here (ok, it’s sitting by the basement door, as is an empty box which is too good to put out with the recycling); I’ve shifted the ironing board around to the far side of the sewing table (will be farther to walk by 5 steps – and every step counts); I’ve dug out all the stuff that fell off the end of the sewing table and can now put the huge suitcase w/my Hancock Star BOM there clearing up more floor space.

As much as I really wanted to finish the sampler, I think cleaning my having a clean sewing space will give me just as much pleasure.  Who knows, I might actually get something else finished.

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8 Thoughts on “What’s on My Design Wall

  1. As I asked there it is your Boxy Stars. I think I made that Hancock Block of the Month with stars too, was it the one that had light blue, green and yellow cheap fabrics in it? You r SBS inspires me to use a similar setting for my swap stars that is April’s UFO.

  2. Both of your projects are great. Your sewing room sounds a lot like mine. It’s hard to take a day off from sewing to attend to the piles though.

  3. Two wonderful projects. Love the Boxy stars quilt.
    I see you’re doing a Double wedding ring. Can you please tell me where do you got the pattern and are you foundation piecing or not?

  4. I love that bridal sampler and it is so tempting…. I have made Bonnie’s boxy stars and it turned out to be very pretty in your quilt!!

  5. I love that Boxy Stars pattery and have had a copy printed out for several years–yours looks terrific in purples. Your bridal sampler is just beautiful. Congrats on making yourself walk a bit more to iron–those steps do indeed count 🙂

  6. Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler is looking beautiful! Sometimes taking a little time off to tidy helps us feel better about spending more time in our sewing space. hopefully you will be able to power through the rest of your list in your cleaned out room.

  7. What a great use of purples on that Boxy Star! Looks really good!

    Rock on with the tidying up too…I am soooo glad I just finished straightening up a bit (haha! it took all weekend) in my sewing space and it makes a huge difference in the productivity and the feel good factor!

  8. I like your Boxy Stars – perhaps one of the nicest ones I have seen. Very pretty!


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