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Yes, I’ve Pre-Ordered the Book!

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the Kansas City Star Quilt Show.  They were showing quilts from various Kansas City Star authors.  Can you guess whose quilt this is? (No, I’m not touching the quilt.)

Yes, it’s Bonnie Hunter’s!

I started to post these pictures to illustrate yesterday’s post, but thought I better ask since I  hadn’t seen the quilt or the title to the new book on Bonnie’s website or blog.  Bonnie asked me to hold off until she had a cover and she posted that this morning.

At the show, I stood awestruck by Pineapple Crazy  I bet I stood there for a good 5 minutes just taking in the quilt.  And I wasn’t the only one.

Bonnie has a great picture of this quilt – and all the others in her book on today’s post.  I’m not sure which pattern I want to do first — Pineapple Crazy, Jamestown Landing or Zuckerwatte.    Perhaps I should finish Orca Bay before my copy of the book arrives.

Bonnie is taking pre-orders for String Fling.  When Google Reader recognized a new post from her blog, I immediately popped over and placed my order.  ( I think her post is at 11:45 AM Eastern and my e-mail receipt shows a time stamp of 12:03 PM Eastern — how’s that for fast!)

It’s another great book Bonnie!  Check it out and then go order it!

2 Thoughts on “Yes, I’ve Pre-Ordered the Book!

  1. That is exactly what I’m thinking…I GOTTA finish that Orca Bay quilt because I want to do the pineapple crazy quilt too. …or maybe one of the others. Isn’t she something?? And yes..I preordered mine too.

  2. LOL, you’re planning on another big scrap project now that your Ocean waves is through. Have fun with your tiny pineapple blocks. I saw a bunch of String Quilts in the book- not my idea of fun. Did you finish your tiny Ohio stars quilt and I missed it?

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