Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid

About Me



 I made my first quilted item as a visual aid for a math project in 7th grade. Over the next 25 years quilting was hit or miss, but quilting took over all the other crafts I’ve done in 2003.

A few years ago I started writing mystery quilt patterns for a quilt retreat I attended. And my friends kept hounding me to try and get my patterns published.

I submitted a few in the fall of 2013 and I’m thrilled to report that my first pattern will be published in the on-line magazine The Quilt Pattern Magazine in May 2014.

My blog follows my quilting and “other stuff”.  Knitnoid is from my days as a knitter when you wouldn’t dream of using your real name on-line. It has followed me into my life as a quilter.

I love comments and have promised myself I will do better in responding to comments and in commenting on others’ blogs.