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3rd Quarter Finish-Along

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

It’s time to link up our lists of what we plan to finish in the 3rd quarter with Adrianne at On the Windy Side. Normally, I’d go back and add the link to the July 1st post were I outlined a selection of projects from my WIP and TBQ lists. But with all that is going on around here, it’s entirely possible I’ll need a quick finish to say I’ve gotten anything done. Given there is no penalty for not finishing everything on the list, I’m just going to list everything that is in progress, plus a few PIGS.

Works In Progress:


Quilted Sweatshirt, Just Takes Two, Sisters Swap, Compass Lone Star, Lee’s Christmas Blocks, Lilbet’s Garden, Hexie Hand Project, Hancock Stars BOM, Estate DWR, Faux applique, QIAD Flying Dutchmen Lotto, Sew Scrappy, QAYG String Blocks, Border Class Sampler, Mom’s Thangles BOM, ‘Twas Night Before Christmas I, Sheryl’s Churn Dash, Jane’s Hourglass,  Red DP9, Alphabet BOM, Redwork Snowmen, Lee’s Baskets, Blue Strings, Green DP9, ‘Twas Night Before Christmas II, Tumbler L/E, Candy Sunflower Seed, Green & Cream Swap, Star-A-Day, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, String HST, Postage Stamp L/E.  That’s 32.

Tops to Be Quilted:


Whitework, 2008 Retreat Swap, Fairy Frost Sunset, Estate Dove in the Window, QIAD Christmas Row Quilt, Thangles II, Machine Quilting Sampler, Nifty Thrifty, Raising Cane, Old Tobacco Row, Mom’s Stacked 4-patch, Black & Bright Sampler, David’s DP9, B & W Strip Twist, ModaU Sampler, 2011 Retreat Mystery (small), Out of the Blue, AAQAL, Christmas BOM, 2011 Retreat Mystery (large), Orange Crush, Pink & Black 4-patch Stacked Posie, Diamond Links, B&W stacked 4-patch, Blue & Brown SBS swap, 2012 Retreat Mystery, Christmas Crazy 8, Stack-n-Whack, Scrap Patch Hearts, Baby B&M stacked 4-patch, Pink & Brown. That should be 31 tops.

Projects In Grocery Sacks:


Squedge Ruler project, “August A”, the Hardware quilt and a Triangle Frenzy table runner. There are another 9 on my list – 4 of them could probably be broken up and put back into my stash, but I don’t see a hurry since I’m trying not to start anything new.  The other 5 are large projects and I don’t see me starting them any time soon. These 4 pictured are smaller projects and potentially doable over the course of a few days.

Works Hidden In My Mind:

This list fluctuates and doesn’t have fabric picked out – except in my mind. An example  is I really want to make a Trip Around the World set on point using 30’s solids and prints.  I’ve wanted to make this quilt for at least 20 years, but other than a few hen-scratched notes, I haven’t done anything about it. So, given the state of this list, they are officially excluded from the Finish Along.

So the above is my official 3rd Quarter Finish-Along list. The question is not will I finish everything — it’s a given that I won’t — but will I finish ANYTHING on the list. Since I’m doing my best to not start anything new if I get anything finished I hope the answer is yes.

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