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2013 Final Countdown – Task Two

Today’s task of the Final Countdown is:

Organize something.

My translation of this task was to clean up the sewing room.  I commented on the post thinking my sewing room was in decent shape and then took some before pictures.  Oh, my! It was worse than I thought. So I took another set of pictures that didn’t quite show how bad the room was.

sewingroom before-2


Of course now that I look at these, the really bad part (the floor on the other side of the ironing board) isn’t shown – just as well.


sewingroom after -2


Anyway, the room is in better shape now. The large crate has been taken out to the garage, the cut off batting from the last couple of quilts has been tucked away into the batting crate and the stacks of fabrics have been put away.

I’m calling this one Done.  Now back to the Frog quilt.  I need to make a label, hanging sleeve and attach the binding.

2 Thoughts on “2013 Final Countdown – Task Two

  1. Your ironing board looks like mine…lol. Time to recover mine.

  2. If only I had made that much progress while organizing! Looks good!

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