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2013 Final Countdown – Task Three

Task three of the Final Countdown has been announced.

Make a list of 12 projects.

Well, I’ve been compiling lists and tossing them out only to recompile them again. Some have actually made it onto paper.  But this is the first one I’ve published. Since I want to do another UFO push like I did back in 2011 I have have two lists.

Tops to Complete

  1. Christmas BOM
  2. Hancock Stars BOM
  3. Green & Cream Swap
  4. Compass Lone Star
  5. Candy Sunflower Seeds
  6. Orca Bay
  7. Eeyore
  8. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  9. Scrappy Trips
  10. Sew Scrappy
  11. String HST Wall Hanging
  12. Brick & Stepping Stones

Tops to Quilt

  1. Diamond Links
  2. Deadline Project IV
  3. Thangles BOM
  4. DWR
  5. QIAD Christmas Row Swap
  6. Tetris
  7. Deadline Project II
  8. Deadline Project III
  9. Hancock Stars BOM
  10. Green & Cream Swap
  11. Compass Lone Star
  12. Eeyore

The only order either of these list are is by date I started the quilt or when I finished the top.  Trust me when I say they won’t be finished in this order.  In fact the first up on my list beginning tomorrow is Deadline Project IV.

Frog Quilt is in the dryer (completing Task One and giving me another 2013 finish – photos to come); my sewing area has been cleaned up and now I have a plan for 2014. Thanks Shelly for doing the Final Count Down Challenge.

One Thought on “2013 Final Countdown – Task Three

  1. Wow! You really made good progress in the Final Countdown, and I like your lists. Good luck with both of them!

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