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A Day Trip

Saturday was Road Trip Day.  Earlier in the week I found a sewing table for a fantastic price on Facebook Marketplace up in Ashland, Nebraska. Ashland is between Lincoln and Omaha, so since we were headed north, Ted checked Craigslist and FBM for things he was looking for as well. He found a couple of things he wanted, so it was going to be a full day. We were out of the house by 7:30 AM.

First stop the Target parking lot in St  Joseph, Missouri where we picked up a mandolin.

On the way to Lincoln, I looked up the exhibits at the International Quilt Study Center. There were some interesting ones, but it would mean circling back to Lincoln after we picked up the sewing table and we wanted to go on to Omaha.  We didn’t make it that far on our March 2017 road trip to Nebraska. We decided to wait to make our decision.

Then it was to Lincoln where we picked up this music stand.  A fun coincidence — the woman we bought this from is a Delta State University graduate, our alma mater.

At this point I checked my watch and the GPS and knew we had to head to Ashland to get the table.  As we drove through downtown Ashland, we knew we wanted to get out an walk a bit after we picked up the table. Naturally I took pictures of quilting ideas.

We stopped in a couple of shops and I found a couple of quilting coasters – nothing music related though.

It’s past lunch time now so we ate at the local pizza place and asked about things to see in the area. They mentioned the Air & Space museum.  It was about 1:30 now and we had a choice to make. Go back to Lincoln to see the quilt center which closed at 4  and stop in at Cosmic Cow which was open until 5 or go on to Omaha.  The woman I bought the table from suggested Lincoln given that Omaha was really out of the way to Kansas City.  So we headed back to Lincoln. But we took a different route to the interstate and passed this:

That’s a B-1A. Naturally we had to stop and take pictures.  Turns out we were at the Strategic Air Command Air & Space museum.

We did not take the tour, but did go into the gift shop where I purchased a book:

Astronaut Clayton Anderson is from Ashland, Nebraska. It’s really a cute book.

We  finally got on the interstate and made our way back to Lincoln around 4. I stopped in at Cosmic Cow as they were open until 5. How can you  NOT stop in at a quilt shop with a name like that. A couple of FQs came home with me.

We took the scenic route home, zigzaging across southeast Nebraska.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen roads so straight in my life. Once we got close to the Missouri River the roads started following the river.  We pulled over at White Cloud, Kansas.  The river was maybe 10 feet from the road.

We missed our turn to cross the Missouri River at St Joseph, so we ended up in Atchison, Kansas a little before 8. They have a beautiful river front park. Our phones were telling us it was 86 degrees, but it seemed much cooler. The temperature was perfect.

We finally got home and unloaded the truck. The sewing table is now sitting in MY garage. I’ve got to take down my current table to make room for it, but at 10 PM I was exhausted.  It was a fun day. I think if we are ever going to get to Omaha it is going to have to be THE destination instead of part of a longer trip.


One Thought on “A Day Trip

  1. Colleen on August 6, 2018 at 12:12 am said:

    Ah, I am a California girl all my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, leaving my state to pick up something would be an over night trip, as I am in the middle about as far west as a person came be on dry land.

    I have to get out my state map to “see” your trip as I just don’t remember where all those states in the middle are located relative to each other.
    Given time with a blank map I think I could do a pretty good job but honestly some states might get their names switched.

    We did drive to Florida this summer and I have to say the roads outside of California are wonderfully maintained and the way people drive on the interstate highway system is so much better than on our instate roads.

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