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A New Quilt?

I really didn’t mean to start a new quilt.  I promise.   I was looking for a quilted candle mat in the chest of drawers when I found the Jack Dempsey Needle Art dragonflies.  There were six in each gift bag at a retreat I went to last spring.  When I got them I had no idea what I was going to do with them, and in fact neither did one of the ladies who was with me so I have hers as well.

Today inspiration struck.

I’m going to make a black and white Disappearing 9-Patch type quilt, substituting in the dragonflies for some of the large squares.  From my pre-cut boxes I’ve pulled fuchsia, orange, yellow, lime green, turquoise and purple squares.  When I get the embroidery done I’ll look to see if I have enough black and white prints.

And no, I didn’t find the candle mat. It must be in with the Christmas stuff.

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