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QA Wednesday

WooHoo!  All the goals were met this week.

  • Continue working on the DWR.  – Done – one more ring and I’ll have the first row quilted!
  • Make the this month’s KVQG block – Done!
  • Make at least one Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler block – 2 Blocks Done!
  • Make progress on Oklahoma Backroads.  – Done!

No pictures this week.  Can a goal be to NOT do something?  I had so much fun on my pink dragonfly yesterday that I started another one this time in orange.  I have half the wings outlined.  I want to take them, and the DWR to work on at the mini retreat next month.

This week’s goals:

  • Continue working on the DWR.
  • Make at least two SBS Blocks (I need to do 8 more this month).
  • Make two swap blocks.
  • Don’t work on the dragonflies.

Not much on the list, but I haven’t figured out which quilt I’ll work on next.  I probably should put something down to machine quilt, but I’m writing this before I go to bed and I can’t think.

Check out what others are planning by following the links at Bari’s.

4 Thoughts on “QA Wednesday

  1. I bow to you! You are awesome and unbelievably productive! WOW! All your goals met…that is great!

    As for this week’s goals, what is it with NOT working on the dragon flies? Are they taking over and won’t let you get anything else done? That sometimes happens to me, so if that is it I totally understand.

    Can’t wait to see some pictures!

    • There’s a pic of the first one in yesterday’s post. And yes, if I’m not careful I’ll work on the dragonflies instead of the DWR! The DWR has a deadline, the dragonflies don’t.

  2. Julianne on August 18, 2010 at 8:37 pm said:

    WOW you did ALL your goals… LOL Now I just look bad.. LOL

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