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A Top, A New Project, Storing Fabric

The top is done, unless it is not.  Let me try to explain.  Originally the plan was to make this quilt at least 56 ” x 68″ and then see how much more fabric I could squeeze out of the remaining pieces of the 5 shirts.  But then when digging through my stash to find a backing, I found this wonderful cowboy print.

I only have a yard and a half of this flannel, so I’m limited to 54″ in width.  So, I removed the last to columns of the quilt making it only 48 inches wide.  Then I didn’t make it quite as long. At the moment it measures 64″ long. I’m contemplating removing one row and putting it in a second quilt.  Since I didn’t make the quilt as big as I planned I’m going to make a 2nd quilt. If I remove the last row of this quilt it will give me an additional 12 units for the 2nd quilt.  Fortunately I do not have to make the final decision today. First I have to stitch up all those units on the left of my sewing machine.

But what’s that over on the right?  It’s my new leader/ender project. Yes, I  have yet another new project cut out. I think we can safely say my Quilt Pox remission is over.

First, I pulled from my 2-1/2″  precut box the neutral squares and bright rectangles.  Then I pulled the same from my 2-1/2″ strip box. Finally I pulled from my fabric stash and cut a strip off of my FQs. This is going to be “Now and Later”. Originally published in the October 2011 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, I received the pattern when they sent me a subscription renewal. While I was at it I refolded the FQs so they fit in my box better.  One of these days I’m going to have to just stop cutting and sewing and just fold. Eventually I want to get all of my “FQ” boxes folded and then sorted so I can open a lid and see what I have. Right now I have boxes sorted by color, but I still have to dig. Perhaps I need to set aside a few hours each week to work on this.


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