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An Auction

Last night I attended an auction. The ad that my husband saw on one of his social media accounts had a guitar featured. When he saw a quilt, he sent it to me, then we found fabric and more fabric.  The top picture was just part of what was on that side of the warehouse — there were bins of notions on that side as well.  On the other side of the warehouse were more of the “pre-cuts”. I really wanted the boxes of 6″ squares and 2″ squares, but I was on a limited budget and was conservative spending my sister’s money as well.  The photo boxes went anywhere from $17 to $30 dollars.  Very accurate cutting, well worth the value – but not having space or a plan I skipped those.  Besides, there was a sewing table and the fabric and books on the other side of the warehouse that I was interested in.

The fabric covered foot locker had quilt blocks and tops it quickly went out of my price range as did the round bin.  What you don’t see is that it had several rulers in it, including a 6 x 24 Olfa ruler.  But I was waiting for those color sorted bins.  The first 9 went for either $45  or $65 EACH! The last 5 were either $25 or $45 each — way more that I was willing to spend.

I did get the sewing table for my sister.  This is a screen shot from the auction house preview pics.


The big blue bins went for $45 – $60. More than I was willing to spend – but in some instances well worth the money.

Those crates have quilting books in them.  The first box went for $20.  It was most of the books from the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites collection. After that, the crates of books went for $10 – I discovered two more books in a second crate. I have no idea what else is in that crate as I didn’t look closer and it’s still in the car.

The best buy of the night for me was the two boxes of fabric.  These smaller boxes were $10 each.  The top box is all fabric:

The bottom box was a weird mix. I was after the turquoise fabric.

My sister has someone she’s planning on giving the denim to.

There was also a Pop-Tart t-shirt, micro fiber glass cloths, a polyester gray curtain and this quilt themed needlepoint.

I want to figure out how to finish this to hang in my sewing space.

All in all a fun evening. I think I did well on my quilting purchases and probably over spent on my non-quilting purchases, but in the end I still didn’t spend too much.



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