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Butterscotch & Gracie

butterscotchgracieA few weeks ago Ted & I adopted two cats. Butterscotch & Gracie.  The picture above is one taken by their previous owners/staff. We were told they were BFFs. Until recently, their favorite place has been under the bed.




Gracie has also been found under the kitchen sink (now cat-proofed!) and in the fireplace.




Butterscotch has started venturing out. Here she is hanging out on the back of the chair.



She is also learning about being a quilt inspector…



and fabric selection.




Gracie did hang out with Ted, briefly, last night.


I hope one of these days I see both cats at the same time.


One Thought on “Butterscotch & Gracie

  1. Colleen on October 15, 2014 at 4:20 pm said:

    You are just the best to take in grown cats. I am sure it’s hard to find loving families for the mature cats. We are currently “owned” by 2 cats one a ferral has been with us since her mother dropped her off (the mother came by with2 kittens and would not allow this one to move on with her)
    She has had 3 litters then we were able to get her fixed
    She’s 20-25 years old and still quick and playful
    She’s stayed with us through dogs and other cats
    She is very domestic now with us visitors to our house seldom see her
    The other cat was declawed and was having in the house potty issues her “care takers” were at their wits end expecting baby 3 ….. couldn’t find a new home and were going to put her down
    So we brought her home
    She (I think due to the declawing)is a difficult cat she wants to be the only cat is very wary of the other cat and always on the look out
    She started out sleeping with me but now my husband is her human. She follows him around the house it cute. She has had a few very few potty issues we have not figured out why, so we just clean up and love her all the more.

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