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Autumn Splendor Top is Done

Cross one thing off my December quilting list. I just finished the borders for Autumn Splendor. The binding is also made. This is from the pattern Crazy Eights by Bits ‘n Pieces. I used 12 FQs instead of 8 and added borders. The top measures 63 x 78.

What’s On My Design Wall? – 12/7

I took my swap blocks down Saturday, so there wasn’t anything on the wall until I put Autumn Splendor up there for a photo shoot. Yesterday I finished sewing on the inner borders, and then cut the fabric for the outer borders binding. That’s 2 of my 4 yards to get me to 100 yards used for the year.

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Border Decisions

A little over a year ago I walked into a new to me quilt shop, Lil’ Red Hen in Paola, Kansas and fell in love with the top FQ. They had all sorts of fall colors displayed just as you walked in the door. To top that, they had a FQ sale going on. Before I left the store, I had bought a dozen FQ to make a quilt (not that I had a pattern with me), 2 yards of the print I fell in love with and a yard of the gold for an inner border. In the back of my mind I was thinking a small Turning Twenty or a large Crazy 8.

I brought the fabric home, tied it up with a ribbon and put my Crazy 8 pattern with it. The bundle sat for over a year while I worked on my various UFOs, started and finished other projects, and started projects which only made it to the top stage. Two weeks ago I cut into the fabric and have slowly been working on it.

This afternoon I finished sewing the blocks together and it was time for a border decision.

When I bought the fabric, I knew I was going to need somewhere for the eyes to rest since the blocks and the borders are so busy.

So as originally envisioned, there would be a narrow gold border and then the large leaf border. This however was not working for me.

What drew me to the leaf print in the first place was the purple, so I pulled down my bin of purple fabrics to see if I had anything bigger than a FQ which would work. I found half a yard of border fabric left over from my Old Tobacco Road which I think is going to be just right.

So, now that the decision is made, I think I’m going to call it a night. I’ll deal with the borders tomorrow.

What’s On My Design Wall? – 11/09

So close to finishing, or getting to a new stage in the projects I’ve been working on all summer I finally cut into new fabric Friday night. These are the blocks I made Saturday afternoon for Autumn Splendor.

I could have knocked out the rest of the blocks Saturday night or Sunday, but instead I worked on Josh’s quilt. I’ve got three of the borders quilted, and the 4th one marked. Once I get the last border quilted, I think I’m going to go back and stitch in the ditch between the inner and outer border. At that point I’ll have the tedious task of trimming the threads from the back of the quilt and trying to remove the dust and cat hair from the backing.

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Start of a New Quilt

This evening after finishing the hand quilting, I thought I needed some mindless piecing. The 4-patches in the DWR in theory are simple enough, but trust me, it’s not so simple. Ladder to the Stars just needs borders, but I’m going to miter the corners, which means I need to think. There’s nothing on my extensive list of quilts in progress which I would consider mindless enough for this evening – not that I looked until I sat down to write this post. The call of new fabric was too much.

I went to my crate of PIGs and pulled out Autumn Splendor. Twelve FQs plus border fabric tied nicely with a gold ribbon. I’m using the FQ friendly pattern Crazy Eights by Bits ‘n Pieces. I think this is 3rd quilt/top I’ve made, but the others have been with just the 8 FQs.

Instead of mindless piecing, I cut the new quilt out. Surprisingly, given that I was looking for something mindless, I didn’t make any cutting errors. I can also report the scraps are all appropriately cut up and in their boxes.

I’ll be ready now for when I do need to sit down at the sewing machine for some mindless piecing.