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On The Needles

march shawl



Currently on the needles is Easy as Pie by Marisa Hernandez downloaded from Ravelry. At last count I’ve got 139 stitches on the needles.  The pattern calls for 203 before starting the border, but I’ll have to do more than that to get the shawl anywhere near big enough for me.  At least this time I won’t run out of yarn.

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On the Needles



Saturday night I started Easy as Pie by Marisa Hernandez downloaded from Ravelry.  My yarn is that gorgeous Admiral Jaggerspun 2/18 wool/silk that I won all those years ago at a knitting retreat. I’m having much better luck with this yarn than I did a month ago. The primary difference is the needles.



I’m using Square Needles by Kollage. These are a size 6.  Surprising, even though they are metal, my hands don’t hurt knitting with them – probably because I’m not holding them as tightly.  I don’t think I’m knitting as tightly, my stitches aren’t falling off the needles and the points are sharp enough to get under the stitches. So far I’m very happy with the needles.

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On the Needles



This is Easy as Pie, the first knitting project I’ve done in about 10 years.  It really was pretty simple and would be gorgeous in the Jaggerspun that I have, but I couldn’t get it started, so pulled yarn that I could find from my stash — Plymouth Encore in Gray.

Since the gauge was off, I thought I’d knit a few extra repeats to make it bigger.  That was a great plan, but after the 2nd skein I realized I couldn’t do many repeats and the shawl would be small.



Lack of yarn also meant that I didn’t make the border as wide as designed.



Bottom line, it’s too small for me, but that’s OK.  It was fun to make and now I really want to make it from my Jaggerspun 18/20 wool/silk.

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On the Needles



It seems like I’ve knit the same 2 or 3 rows 4 or 5 times now.

I’ve started the border.  If I had another skein of the yarn, I’d make this shawl a bit bigger.  Worked from the top down, I marked the end of the skein with the red thread. The second skein didn’t go near as far as the third skein was started a couple of rows before the border.

I’m in the process of ripping out row 6 of the border and I suspect I’ll have to rip out row 5 again.  Maybe next week I’ll get past row 7.

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On the Needles



This is the what — the 4th or 5th knitting post with very little quilting posts this week?  I promise I really am quilting — but it’s on a mystery quilt to be published this fall so I can’t show the quilt.

This is my Easy as Pie Shawl. Last night I think I ripped out the last 4 row repeat 4 times. I’m not sure why I kept dropping a stitch.  Perhaps it was because I was actually watching the TV instead of simply listening to it.

By my calculations I’m 4300 stitches into the body of the shawl which puts me right at 40% of the body as written.

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