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It is Done!

But why?

The Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Quilt Show is this Saturday and Sunday, April 30th & May 1st 10, 10 AM – 5 PM in Lawrence, Kansas. More information can be found here.

As part of the mini-quilt silent auction, there is a category for recreations of a historic or family quilt.

Select any historic or family quilt and Re-Create it as a miniature quilt. Size should not exceed 24″ x 24″. The Re-Creatation should be a scaled-down version of the original and include most of the details of the original quilt.

Somewhere along the way I got the impression the quilt should be about 150 years old and I don’t have a family quilt that old. So, I searched The Quilt Index.

I found an Ohio Star dating from 1850 – 1875 (Quilt Index Record: 47-7B-3C7). It’s neither a Kansas or Missouri quilt, but one from Connecticut. What can I say, I was looking for something “easy”.

Back in October Sally Collins was the Guild guest speaker. She talked about making miniature quilts. When I got home, I attempted to make some tiny stars. I was able to make stars which finish at about 3/4″. You can see those here.

The only problem is instead of working on them back in October, I let the project slide. Making stars that small can’t be rushed and since I didn’t pull the project out until two weeks ago, I was rushed. Needless to say, I up-sized the stars to finish at 2″.

But what to do with those tiny stars? I used them on the quilt label. You can see here how they didn’t come out perfect. I’m using a quarter for size comparison — it was a quarter on yesterday’s post as well.

I think this quilt falls into the category of “I’m glad I’ve done it, but I don’t see me doing it again.”

This is quilt #2 of the 7 by June 10 by June.  More on that later.

The quilt, after washing measures 18 1/2″ square. I used Warm & Natural batting and quilted it with Coats Machine Quilting & Crafts Mercerized Cotton size 50 thread. It’s color # 309A Camel.

What’s On My Design Wall

I’m in the process of stitching down the binding — by hand. That’s not something I normally do, but I wanted a narrower binding than I usually use. I hope to have the binding and label on later today, then into the wash so hopefully it crinkles up.

Check in with me tomorrow or Wednesday to see the completely finished quilt and to find out why I took on this challenge.

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The Mini Star Top is Done!

It measures 20 1/4″ square. Now off to quilt it.

All Stars

All of the mini Ohio Stars are made. Now it’s time to get this top completed.

Seven More Stars

Instead of making the last seven stars, I played with the setting blocks. I’ve decided to go scrappy — not that its easy to tell in this slightly blurry cell phone picture.

Two More Sets To Go

The next set is cut out.

One More Set Done

Three sets to go.

What’s On My Design Wall

There’s not much on my design wall this week.  Since finishing Oklahoma Backroads I haven’t gotten going again.  I did however pull out a new pattern I picked up called “A Mid-Winter’s Night” by Deb Eggers.

The pattern uses the Tri-Rec tools and the blocks are designed to finish at 9″.

But I have to make things difficult, so I tried making a block that finishes at 3″.  I want to make a miniature quilt for the Guild auction in April.  I’m not sure if I’ll make 8 more of these blocks, or go back to the pinwheels I made a few weeks ago (bottom right corner of picture).

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