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Correct Corners

Since I’ve started going back to the gym, I’m only gone for a little over an hour, but it sure has eaten into my quilting time.  That’s because I’m still wiped out. It was a little better Monday (day 3), not that I have a finished blocks to show for it.  I do however have correctly made corner units. 


I rooted around in my yardage and decided the second Easy Breezy quilt will be red.  Both quilts will have the pink floral as the backing. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and load them both at the same time or not.  Either way, I plan on using “Leather” as my thread color.

I have the 4 extra Easy Breezy blocks cut to use as my leader/ender for a little bit longer. My postage stamp quilt is my backup L/E.  I’ve been working on it since the Spring of 2011.


I have 25 blocks made (in the bag) and enough quarter units for 10 more blocks.


The Continuation of Shimmer

Work on Shimmer continues.  After another cutting mistake I’ve decided I’m stitching then cutting.  I have no guarantee that I’ll have fabric to replace my mistakes.  I’ve discovered that some of my fabric pairing choices don’t have enough contrast, but I’m going to leave it.

I’m also contemplating quilting ideas for Atomic Starburst. I haven’t settled on anything yet, so I haven’t loaded the quilt.  Of course I need to make the backing first.

Also on my list of things to think about is how I’m going to set my Easy Breezy blocks.  I only have 6 left to make. After that I’ll need to find something else for my Leader/Ender project.  In the short term I may just pull out my Postage Stamp pieces.

  • 350 Challenge March = 58
  • 350 Challenge Cumulative = 172
  • Easy Breezy = 134

While Searching for a Backing


Earlier this week while searching my stash for the Orca Bay backing, I found a bag with this pre-quilted panel and blanket binding.  I was given it back after Christmas. So, I pulled it out and finished it.  What was I stalling for?  And the backing? I didn’t find it.

So, this evening more digging.

Look what I found!


My postage stamp blocks. I’ve been looking for them for at least a week, maybe longer as I have more pieces to add to the bag.  I’m looking for a quilt a little over twice as big and I really think I was aiming for 4 times as big.  Ask me again when I get it to 48″ x 60″, another 1520 squares away.

And the backing.  I finally found it.  So naturally I think I’m going to work on the graduation quilt. It’s needed in 7 weeks, and Orca Bay won’t be needed until it’s cold again in Atlanta.