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While Searching for a Backing


Earlier this week while searching my stash for the Orca Bay backing, I found a bag with this pre-quilted panel and blanket binding.  I was given it back after Christmas. So, I pulled it out and finished it.  What was I stalling for?  And the backing? I didn’t find it.

So, this evening more digging.

Look what I found!


My postage stamp blocks. I’ve been looking for them for at least a week, maybe longer as I have more pieces to add to the bag.  I’m looking for a quilt a little over twice as big and I really think I was aiming for 4 times as big.  Ask me again when I get it to 48″ x 60″, another 1520 squares away.

And the backing.  I finally found it.  So naturally I think I’m going to work on the graduation quilt. It’s needed in 7 weeks, and Orca Bay won’t be needed until it’s cold again in Atlanta.


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