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Did I Really Start a New Project?

Last month at Quilt Guild, one of the ladies had a reversible Christmas string quilt.  It was pieced/quilted one block at a time, then sewn together with a thin sashing to cover where the blocks joined.  Although I’m not describing the technique well, it was added to my list to do “some day”.

For the past month, I’ve been telling myself I don’t need to start a new quilt.  I’ve got the Double Wedding Ring, Green & Cream and Compass Lone Star to finish by the end of the year.

So, what did I do this weekend instead of working on the listed projects?  I dug into my batting scraps — and I’m not talking about the 23″ x 45″ piece trimmed off a quilt, but rather the pieces which are weird sizes  – 5″ on one end and then narrow down to 2″ over the course of 40″ in length (how do these weird pieces happen?). Or the 4 – 8″ HST (no idea where those came from).  The bits and pieces which most “normal” people would throw away.

Anyway, i pulled them out and started sewing them together.  I ended up with two  pieces large enough for baby quilts.  Then I started cutting them into 8″ squares to make the String Quilt.

After I had a stack of batting squares I should have stopped and put them away, but no, I pulled out my floral fabrics – light, red and greeen – and started cutting 8″ squares of backing fabric.  I don’t have all the backing fabric cut, but as some point I decided I might only want to make a baby quilt instead of a twin.

Perhaps now that I’ve got 4 blocks up on my Design Wall, I’ll get back to business and work on the quilts which I need to finish by the end of the year.