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sevenJune 12, 1993 – September 3, 2014


Quality Control Cat Strikes Again

Seven, the Quilting Quality Control Cat, also inspects hand quilting.

The fuzzy picture is from the camera phone.  DH was afraid if  he walked past us to get the good camera, Seven would think it was time to eat and jump down.  The green light is from and LED light I have attached to the cap I’m wearing.

It’s Quilted!

This afternoon I drove down to Butler and used the HandiQuilter 16 at Rocking Chair Quilts to quilt the row quilt.

The batting is Warm & White.   I used Güttermann 100% cotton 50 wt in the top and a Superior prewound bobbins (1 1/2) in the bobbin.  The quilting is an all over free form flower — the same one I used on the baby quilt I practiced on a couple of weeks ago.  Now to get the binding on it.

QCC Review

This stack of quilts still meets the Quality Control Cat standards.

Quiltathon Progress Report

Yesterday after we got home from my nephew’s wedding, I made significant progress on the music quilt. So much so, that this morning I only had 8 lines of stitching to complete the quilting. I’ve done that, and the quilt has passed Quality Control. We’ve also settled for a name for the quilt –  Music Lessons.

I’ve printed the label so it will have time to dry before I wash the quilt. Now, I’m off to make the binding, then I’m going to have to boot the cat off the quilt so I can square it up. Seven does look comfortable though.

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Batting and Basting Pass Quality Control

After finishing the basting last night on my DWR and loading it into the frame, I carefully folded up the excess off the back of the frame and propped it on a crate. The excess to the side I flipped onto the frame.

But this did not prevent Seven from doing her job as Quality Control Cat. She must like the Quilters Dream Cotton Request that I’m using and she appears to have no issues with the way I basted the quilt.

I think I’m going to look for a couple more sets of bicycle pants clips….

She’s Still Helping Me

Last night after finishing the Kansas Trouble block, I went back to the hand quilting. I really need to get some better lighting. I’m quilting with black thread on black and I simply can’t see. Seven’s help is hindering me as well.

I finally gave up on quilting in my lap. A different hoop might help, but Seven wants to be in my lap at the same time and it just doesn’t work well. So, I looked for my Q-Snap quilting frame which my parents bought me when I first started working on the DWR.

There’s been very little quilting done on the frame, but I did use it to hold a blanket I cross-stitched. Anyway, got the frame setup, quilt loaded and sure enough, it needed a QCC inspection. Yep, Seven thought it was a nice place to hang out. I finally convinced her it wasn’t a large hammock made especially for her and got to quilting.

I finished up the first block and started on the second block before going to bed. Who knows how much I’ll get done today.

Help with my Hand Quilting

Last evening while watching Dancing With the Stars, Seven kept trying to help me quilt. I persevered and got 1/4 of the first block quilted. When I got up, I sat the whole thing on the floor and went about my business. When I came back in, Seven was on top of the quilt ‘inspecting’ it as part of her duties as QCC – Quality Control Cat.

After the photo session, I moved the quilt.

QCC – Quality Control Cat

Cats and quilting go together at my house. I’ve owned, or been owned by three cats since I started quilting. Fluffy and Grey were the original QCCs. Seven wasn’t interested in quilting — or for that matter living with two other cats. But after Fluffy and Grey crossed the rainbow bridge, Seven realized she had to fulfill the role of QCC.

I don’t know what it is about cats and quilts. One time I brought several quilt tops into the living room to show my mom. Seven was sound asleep in the bedroom. I’m not certain all the air got out from under the quilt top when I shook it out and laid it out on the floor, before she was there laying on top of it.

Another time I had a top on the floor, blocking access to the kitchen and sewing room. Seven walks in and comes to a screeching halt, stopping BEFORE she touched the quilt top. I have to assume she didn’t like it. My DH picked her up and told her she had hurt my feelings, so when she came back through the room, she gingerly stepped on the top and briefly sat on it before walking off. Somehow.

Tonight when I came home, Seven was sitting on the couch with DH. I pull out my Old Tobacco Road quilt and lay it on the floor. Seven doesn’t move.

I pull out the inner green border I just bought, and lay it next to the quilt. Seven remains on the couch.

The flying geese are stretched out next to the green border. No response from Seven.

Finally, I lay the purple outer border next to it all.

Seven leaps off the couch and jumps on the quilt and fabric and starts ‘massaging’ the purple fabric, before reclining on the quilt.

I have to assume she likes it.

So here is some Haiku DH and I wrote about a year ago for Quality Control Cats

Mom is a quilter
Her quilt needs my approval
I must lay on it

And for Seven specifically:

Seven is QC
Approving quilts is her task
Hair removal mine