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Backing Fabrics Found…

… and thread, stabilizer, needles, glue, more fabric and (not pictured) 10 yards of batting!

I drove down to Rocking Chair Quilts in Butler, Missouri today and quilted my Pink and Blue Carolina Christmas quilt and my Dragonfly quilts.  While I was there I looked at fabric for 3 of the 7 quilts I need to get done by the end of June.

I decided the Nancy Halvorsen 108″ wide backing fabric would work for two — the purple, yellow and green Old Tobacco Road and the green, peach and magnolia Chain Event.  The orange fabric?  Well, I just liked it.

Then, I made a stop at Jo-Ann’s and the in-store sewing machine shop for stabilizer and thread for the new-to-me embroidery machine.  I think the first thing I’ll make is a couple of quilt labels.  Finally, since the batting was on sale and I had a coupon which worked on the entire purchase – both regular and sale priced items – I picked up 10 yards of batting.  Other than scraps, I was out of batting.

Now I just need TIME to get the quilts quilted and bound. I setup two appointments in May to do more quilting in Butler.  There’s so much going on in April, I can’t get back down there.

Off to see about binding a quilt.

Another Favorite Product Gone

File this under the “Stuff” part of Quilting and Stuff by Knitnoid.

Dr Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla is no longer available in the area.  This was my last can.  Drank it for lunch yesterday.

DH and I knew it was getting tougher to find.  Last week we checked every store that had 12-packs on sale, and a few that didn’t, and came up empty.  Then Thursday, DH asked the manager of our local grocery what the deal was.  There was a shelf tag, but no DPDCV.  The Pepsi distributor was in the store so the manager hollered at him.  The distributor confirmed that Dr Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla is no longer being made in our distribution area, which includes Lawrence and Ottawa to the west and south, but didn’t know about other distribution areas.

Plain Diet Dr Pepper just isn’t the same, so I think I’ll just drink water and tea.  Probably better for me anyway.

It’s So Silly…

…but I  now have a pair of Tigger pajamas – or at least pajama pants.  A friend is embroidering a Tigger for me to appliqué onto the t-shirt.

Why do I have Tigger pajamas?  It all started so innocently.  I decided I wanted a new watch — something big enough for me to see.  Those Mickey Mouse watches where his hands are the watch hands are cute – but in my mind, a dime a dozen.  So I picked Tigger.

I’ve had this watch for about 12 years.  I’ve gone through at least 5 batteries and probably as many watch bands.  I really need to get the case re-plated.

I have a great gray Tigger t-shirt, but I can’t wear it anymore due to holes.  I have no idea how they got there.  Since then I’ve gotten a couple of other t-shirts, but they just aren’t the same.    A few years ago I picked up this fleece sweatshirt jacket.

Of course I have a few stuffed Tiggers as well.

The one with the red lilly travels with me to quilt retreats.  My quilts tops need “cat approval” and Seven refuses to travel with me, so Tigger fills in.

I’m sure if I dug deeper I’d find more Tigger “things”.   Instead I think I’ll go dig some more for UFO #10!

What’s on my Design Wall

This is project #6 from Judy’s UFO Challenge.  These are the blocks I had completed prior to putting up the project several years ago.  Last night I pulled them out to see what I have.  I have no idea where I’m going with this project, but there are another 68 9-patches in progress.

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Last-Minute Sewing


I’ve managed to stir up my 2 1/2 strip boxes while doing a bit of last-minute sewing.

What is on my Design Wall

The fabric is just laying on my ironing board, but I’ve got to get this fabric made into two pillowcases this week.

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Stash Report

I’m running behind on the stash report.  Originally didn’t think I had anything to report, but there was one stop looking for fabric for a couple of pillowcases.

Fabric Added this Week:  .444 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 175.955 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 102.453 yards

Net Stash for 2010: 73.502 yards

Links to more Stash Reports can be found at Patchwork Times.

As Seen Out and About


Click on the picture to enlarge it.

More Fabric!

Yes, I brought more fabric (and a few notions) into the house today.  Next week I’ve got time on the long arm machine reserved.  My original intention was to take the Compass Lone Star and the Red, White & Blue Chain of Stars to work on.  However, following my husband’s suggestion, I printed out a drawing of the Chain of Stars and drew in a quilt design.  We both like it and I can do it using my walking foot on my sewing machine.  So, I needed to find another quilt to take with me.

After looking through my tops and watching Patsy Thompson’s Free Motion Fun — with feathers! Volume 1, I’ve settled on No Blue Geese in my Tropical Garden.  The lengthy name comes from the pattern title “Geese in My Garden” and the fact that there is no blue in the quilt top.  At the time I made it every quilt I made had some blue — even the pink quilt!

It was only after I got home with the bright dots on black for the backing, that I realized that there’s blue in the fabric.  Oh, well, there still are no blue geese on the quilt top.

The two FQs are for those tiny stars I’m making.

Well, as soon as the dryer is done I’m going to fold the fabric so it will be ready for me to piece into backings tomorrow.

What’s on My Design Wall

It’s a blank wall today.  The Row Quilt is on the sewing machine so I can attach the binding and of course the DWR is in the hoop for continued hand quilting.  There are a few pieces of Blue Ridge Beauty on my sewing table to use a Leader/Enders and I think there are only 20 block left before I can start playing with layouts

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