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It’s So Silly…

…but I  now have a pair of Tigger pajamas – or at least pajama pants.  A friend is embroidering a Tigger for me to appliqué onto the t-shirt.

Why do I have Tigger pajamas?  It all started so innocently.  I decided I wanted a new watch — something big enough for me to see.  Those Mickey Mouse watches where his hands are the watch hands are cute – but in my mind, a dime a dozen.  So I picked Tigger.

I’ve had this watch for about 12 years.  I’ve gone through at least 5 batteries and probably as many watch bands.  I really need to get the case re-plated.

I have a great gray Tigger t-shirt, but I can’t wear it anymore due to holes.  I have no idea how they got there.  Since then I’ve gotten a couple of other t-shirts, but they just aren’t the same.    A few years ago I picked up this fleece sweatshirt jacket.

Of course I have a few stuffed Tiggers as well.

The one with the red lilly travels with me to quilt retreats.  My quilts tops need “cat approval” and Seven refuses to travel with me, so Tigger fills in.

I’m sure if I dug deeper I’d find more Tigger “things”.   Instead I think I’ll go dig some more for UFO #10!

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