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Christmas BOM Partial Assembly

Since I had my blocks out, I started assembling what I could.  I suppose, if I would pull out the directions they might tell me the best way to assemble this top, but that would be too easy.  I’m just going by the picture.

I’ve got 4 “chunks” sewn together, as well as some of the filler blocks.  The biggest chunk goes from the tree block in the top left corner all the way across to the checkerboard on the right and down to the star and rocking horse.

The next chunk is the cookie jar and pie, the trees on either side, the teddy bears and the star.

On the bottom the teddy bear and rocking horse on the left over to the right where the two trees are is the third chuck.

The final chunk is the gingerbread people and star down through the pinwheels.  The bottom two sections will connect when I get the snowmen done.

The hole at the top left is for Santa’s sleigh and a couple of reindeer.  Below that are 4 row houses.  In the center should be a train.   Then below that are stockings, Noah’s Ark and a tall pieced Santa.

I really might have this quilt top done by the end of the year.  If I would get on the ball, I could have a Christmas quilt this year.  I have two other tops done.  This Crazy 8 lap throw which has been waiting to be quilted since Sept 2006 and this Christmas Row Swap top which I finished in Sept 2011.

There really shouldn’t be any excuse for me not to have a finished (quilted, bound & labeled) Christmas quilt for next year.

One Thought on “Christmas BOM Partial Assembly

  1. Have you shown the finished Picture from the pattern? I don’t remember seeing it if you did. I like this sampler and the way it is turning out. Yes, Do keep it up it will be at least a flimsy before next Christmas.

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