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UFO Thoughts for 2013

Perhaps it’s a little early to start thinking about next year’s UFO projects, but since I’m so close with the Christmas quilt from this year, I went through my list to see what needed to be worked on.  Heaven knows there are plenty to pick from.

I am waffling between three different options.

  • Work on the Just Takes Two quilt for the entire year – 4 or 5 blocks a month.
  • Work on the SBS blocks — 5 or 6 blocks a month.
  • Work on both quilts for 6 months each doubling the blocks — 8 to 10 for the JT2 and 10 – 12 for the SBS.  I don’t think I would want to try to work on both quilts every month.

Of course there’s 7 more weeks before I have to decide for certain what I’m going to do.  The number of blocks released for the JT2 quilt between now and the end of the year may influence my decision.

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