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Counting While Tired

Friday night I finished up the center of Ocean Waves and wanted to start on the borders.  It will have 3 borders — a 1 1/2″ turquoise border, a border of 3″ pinwheels and then a 6″ turquoise border.  As much as I wanted to move forward, I must have realized I was too tired to measure and cut.

So I counted and sorted my HST squares for the border.

I decided I needed 42 more pinwheels to complete the border.  I made the HST over the weekend and finished up the pinwheels Monday night.

Then I measured the quilt, assured myself a 1 1/2″ inner border was all that I needed and started sewing pinwheels together.

In the end, there were 26 extra pinwheels.  Good thing I didn’t try to measure and cut — apparently I can’t even count when I’m tired.

Stop back later this week and I’ll should have a picture of the complete top.

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