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Disappearing Nine-Patch Fabric


The only reason we went into Jo-Ann’s today was to buy some fabric to cover a couple of bar stools. But, since we were standing in line anyway… and the fabric was 40% off….

I plan to make three different Disappearing Nine-Patch quilts.  The orange is part of the fabric I bought for the backing of Orca Bay, so it’s already been counted. It goes into the quilt for my youngest nephew.  The green — it’s a sagey/olive goes to the next youngest nephew and the red goes to the oldest nephew.  The rest of the fabrics will come from my recycled shirts.  I figure if I have them out might as well cut for all three.

Oh, and yes, we did find what we needed for the bar stools.  I’ll do before and after photos when I get that far.

One Thought on “Disappearing Nine-Patch Fabric

  1. D9P, My favorite Go To Pattern. Haven’t made a NEW one for a while. Should be fun with Shirting fabrics. I’ll be watching for them.

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