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Double Wedding Ring Progress

One of my goals is to finish my Double Wedding Ring quilt – preferably sometime this decade.   I hardly picked up the quilt last year.  I must have worked on it a bit since it was in my sewing room when the ENTIRE family came over for dinner last January and I had to move it back to the sewing room for Christmas.

Anyway, it’s back in the living room, where I work on it when I’m “watching” TV.  I’ve even made a bit of progress on it – more than I’ve committed to for the UFO Challenge and it’s only January 6th!

In the illustration above, if the “block” is colored in, I’ve quilted that section.  If its’ just a line drawing, I still need to quilt it.  If I can keep this pace I should have it finished by before my birthday the end of May.   The only question is whether or not  I can keep this pace and get done everything else I that needs be done in the same time frame.  So stay tuned.

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