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Garden Wednesday


It’s Wednesday, so it must be time to check in on my garden.  From this distance, not much has changed since last week. I do have another entry for my ‘lessons learned’.


Overflow holes. – I deliberately put them to the back of the patio, but when I’m watering the buckets I can’t see if I have enough water without walking around to the back. I’m not sure if that means the lesson is to face the holes to the patio side of the garden or wear shoes.  That gravel is hard on bare feet. For now I’m wearing shoes.

The second take away is the positioning of the overflow hole on the bucket in relationship to the handle.  That bucket on the far right has the hole right under the handle and it makes it a bit hard to see when I’ve got enough water in the bucket. After the season is over I may take the handles off.

The tomatoes are growing.


Red Beefsteak


Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Cherry


Cherokee Purple Heirloom

The cherry tomato has a single blossom.


Additionally my lettuce has started to grow — click twice on the picture if you really want to see it.


Right now I’m not doing much to the garden. Making sure the reservoirs are filled with water in the morning and afternoon and cleaning the ‘helicopter’ seeds out as they blow in to garden.  The last thing I need is a tree growing in my vegetables!


One Thought on “Garden Wednesday

  1. Cathy on April 29, 2015 at 4:40 pm said:

    Where did you get the buckets Pam?

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