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The Year of the PIG – Question #3

Jill’s Year of the PIGS Question #3 is:

What is the main reason(s) why you put PIGS and UFOs to the side?

Where do I start? First the UFOs

  • The quilt has a deadline and I didn’t meet it, so now it’s on to the next quilt and deadline.
  • I have a stack of blocks and don’t know how I want to set them (usually from swaps).
  • I have a stack of blocks from a swap or raffle and don’t have time to deal with them ‘right now’.
  • The process is tedious and I’m tired of it.
  • I’ve run into a problem and I don’t know how I’m going to fix it.
  • Something new has caught my eye and has to be done “right now”.
  • The project is long-term (BOM, SBS, lots of handwork) and the timeline gets extended to handle my lack of progress.
  • The quilt doesn’t have a ‘destination’, so it’s gets bumped down in priority.
  • Life gets in the way.

Now the pigs.

  • I’ve decided I don’t have enough time to get the project done in the amount of time I have.
  • I don’t want to start anything new with so many other projects needing to be finished.
  • What was I thinking?
  • That will be a good retreat project.

These are just a some of the reasons projects get set aside. The good news is I was easily able to list these out and I’m actively working on overcoming them.  I haven’t joined a swap or raffle in a while (the blue & brown SBS blocks was the last swap I joined – blocks received in November 2009).  I haven’t bought a new project  in a while that I wasn’t going to start working on immediately (last PIG was The Night Before Christmas in May 2009).

I’m doing my best to not set dates for my quilts, except where absolutely necessary – the mini quilt is for the Guild silent auction in April, or the mystery quilt I’m writing for a quilt retreat, also in April.  A few dates sneak in.  I’d love to have my Double Wedding Ring finished to hang in the Guild quilt show in April.  There are two other quilts I’d love to have for show and tell at the April retreat.  But then I remind myself, there are only 9 weeks left until April, do the mini and work on the DWR – forget the other two since I haven’t even STARTED them.

Forget the PIGs, I’m focused on the UFOs — now if I can just find # 10….

4 Thoughts on “The Year of the PIG – Question #3

  1. My #10 is in Louisiana! I have to wait til next week to tackle it.

  2. Pam, you seem to have it figured out. That is certainly the first step. I think I am also at your step. This is the year of the UFO!!!

  3. I have some of the same “sources” for my UFOs and PIGS. Sounds like you are working on fixes. Good luck with your projects for the guild.

  4. It looks like you have figured out your ‘downfalls’ and that is the first step! At least, I think that is the first step! 🙂

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