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Judy’s UFO Challenge 2011

I’m not doing so well with Finn’s New Year’s Eve UFO Challenge. I had great hopes to finish 3 pretty good size projects, but as usual when I make plans like that life gets in the way.  I don’t see myself finishing anything else this year – not that I’m not still plugging away on various projects.  They are just going slower than I anticipated.

That’s not to say I’ve given completely up on my UFOs.  One day (in a time far, far, away) they will become finished quilts to be used.   To help me whittle down my extremely long list (see the Tops To Be Quilted and Quilts In Progress tabs above), I’m going to play along with Judy and her UFO Challenge next year.  Instead of listing quilts I’ve “got” to finish, I’ve picked quilts that I’ve passed over in the past to work on something “more important” or “more fun” (i.e. a new quilt).    My list of quilts and the rules which I’ve tweaked (Judy said we could :-)) are on the UFO Challenge 2011 tab.

If you have UFOs which need to be completed come join us over at Patchwork Times.  Sign ups begin Friday.

2 Thoughts on “Judy’s UFO Challenge 2011

  1. I’m doing this too…I have WAY TOO MANY! I even made the list of 12 with the A after them. I could do a B and C list of 12 more, I bet.

  2. You’ve made an awesome effort, and are a winner in my opinion. Just stepping up and attacking the things we need to finish is huge!
    It’s been such fun getting to know you a bit, and I am delighted that you are going to carry on into 2011(me too!).
    I managed to finish up 5, as I pledged, but not the larger ones I had hoped to get on top of…those will be addressed again in 2011. I am determined they will eventually get finished *VBS*
    You new plan of attach is a good one. Sometimes finishing up a few that aren’t so demanding strengthens our resolve. Have a wonderful holiday season, and keep stitching! Hugs, Finn

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