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LED Lighting



Earlier this week my husband embarked on a lamp project for his music room/office. While looking on Craigslist for a lamp he could cannibalize for parts, he found the “perfect lamp” and we drove half way across the state to get it.  After bringing it home and studying it, he decided it needed a few modifications, which in turn has resulted in numerous trips to the assorted hardware stores.

One of the things he bought is a 75 watt equivalent LED Daylight bulb. That darn thing is pricey! But look what it can do.

The pictures above were taken about midnight with only two lights in the room — the LED bulb in my task light fixture and a large compact fluorescent bulb in a floor lamp approximately 5 1/2 feet away from the sewing machine.  The flash on my camera was turned OFF.

Guess what just got put on my wish list.

As for the perfect lamp I’ll post a picture when he gets it put in his office. It really will be the “perfect lamp”.

One Thought on “LED Lighting

  1. Terry Davis on November 6, 2013 at 6:46 pm said:

    I have some of the daylight bulbs and I love them. We got them at Home Depot and they were priced about the same as the normal fluorescent bulbs.

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