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What’s On My Design Wall


Work continues on Deadline Project 2 and Josh’s quilt repair. While piecing I’ve been making green and white 4-patches since that’s what I had in my pre-cut box, but I only have a few more left.

Then I got distracted. I needed to clear a space to set up a vintage aluminum tree to photograph it to see about selling it.  Everything got shifted around and when I boxed up the tree, I was determined to take down the little table that had a pile of fabric on it from my last two (or three) projects.

The birthday quilt and leftover fabric is in a bag ready to go to V for quilting. I folded a stack of leftover fabric and put it away and now I’m tackling the scraps which were on the table. Eventually, I’ll need to deal with that red basket just visible on the right side of the picture and that laundry basket on the floor on the left. Oh, and it would be nice if I could clear a space on the shelves for that box hiding behind the iron cord in the picture. It’s the one containing the tops which just need borders.

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One Thought on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. I like that your Big Ironing board is up and located within view of your Design Wall. I need to clear space and put mine back up. How big are your 4-patches? YEA, for getting the birthday quilt ready to go to the quilters.

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