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Letting Go of UFOs

In July 2008 I ‘started’ these two quilts – Monterrey Medallions by Terry Atkinson and Milky Way by Glad Creations.  Actually, I started sewing light and dark 2″ squares together as leader/enders with the intention of making these two quilts using the “same” fabrics so they would be “twins”.  Two or three years ago I finished 260 4-patches (the # I needed for the two quilts in my modified size).  They’ve been sitting, waiting for me to pull the rest of the fabric ever since.

I didn’t get very far, as I was having trouble with my color palette – or lack there of.  In my mind, I knew what I wanted, but my stash wasn’t working for me.

So, today, I’ve decided to let these two projects go.  I still want to make them – perhaps even as “twins” — but I need to think the color palette through.   The 4-patches won’t go unused.  I already have plans to use them in a Scrappy Irish Chain – not that I’ve added it to my Quilts in Progress tab.  I need to get the background and border fabric.  Once I cut into it background fabric, I’ll add it to the tab.

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