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What’s On My Design Wall

Paraphrasing the Wizard – pay no attention to the new blocks on the wall, that’s not a new quilt you see.

This week I made a bit of progress on the Ocean Waves – primarily in the form of stitching the HST squares.  I’ve now have 1400 of the 1584 that I need.  And yes, I did make a few blocks.

The frog is still waiting for inspiration.  DH cut out construction paper legs.  He says this looks like a top view looking down on the frog.  I thought the frog was facing the viewer.  I guess I’m going to have to get out my own construction paper and figure this out before too long.

As for those other blocks on the wall….Those are the first blocks of Playing with Jacks from Quiltville.com.  A few weeks ago I sorted my 2 1/2″ Bricks & Blocks box by color, as well as my strip box so I could get the boxes closed.  It made it very easy to start this new quilt.  I have blue squares for all but 10 blocks and I’ve got the HST squares cut for all but  12 of the blocks.  I guess I’m about 1/3 of the way through stitching the HSTs.  Working with the 2 1/2″ strips seems huge after working with the 2″ for Ocean Waves.

I’m off work today, so I hope to get most of the blocks finished before going to Guild tonight.

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9 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. For some reason the Playing with Jacks quilt I must have missed. I really like it and think that needs to get on my radar.

  2. LOL. I have a playing with Jacks quilt on my design wall today as well! I love it!

    I think your frog is facing the observer as well. My vote goes with you. Go to a child’s coloring book. I keep them on hand and have gotten a lot of ideas on how to draw simple shapes. Dollar Stores are good places to find the coloring books for cheap!


  3. Barbara on January 16, 2012 at 7:53 am said:

    Lots of pieces in that one. Very nice. It’s going to be very impressive.

  4. Great projects…but sooooo many HST’s to sew 🙁

  5. Lovely ocean waves scrappy quilt. Neat construction method as well.

  6. I missed the playing with Jacks quilt, but man I’m going to go take another look, yours looks fantastic

  7. nbhilyard on January 16, 2012 at 11:17 am said:

    Your Ocean Waves blocks are great–I really like the turquoise background. And the Jacks blocks look interesting…isn’t that also the Contrary Wife block?

  8. You are so very close with the remaining HST for Ocean Waves – keep going!
    I missed the playing with Jacks too, I am so glad you posted about it!

  9. Beautiful ocean Waves quilt. That’s a LOT of half square triangles.

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