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My Summer Vacation

Well, at least I was off work all week.  Too bad it took me until Thursday afternoon to figure out how to turn off the notifications on my phone for my work email.

My sister-in-law bought us all tickets for a Royal’s game.  They lost, but the fireworks afterwords were awesome.


I’m doing my best to turn her into a quilter.  When I visited with her in June, she showed me some of the fabric she had left over from clothes she’s made over the years. She started cutting 5 inch squares and brought them with her and then we designed a simple quilt based on the number and color of squares she had.

We even found some yardage in my stash that will be a great backing.  I also went through my rulers and found some duplicates which I was able to send home with her.  Then we hit a couple of quilt shops.

At the first one, we found the Christmas Panel. That afternoon we drove to Lawrence for lunch, so naturally we stopped in at the quilt shop there.  That’s where we found the the burgandy, green, and cream to make our wall hangings.

She flew home Tuesday and I stopped at a new to me quilt shop on the way back from the airport. I didn’t get anything this time, but I’ll add it to shop rotation.

Wednesday, I went to an estate sale and came home with a box of ties, Christmas fabric and upholstery samples.

I’ve got the fabric and samples washed and put up, but still need to wash the ties.

Thursday, I decided to swing by another quilt shop. It’s probably been 5 years since I’ve been in it. They’ve doubled their space, are now selling A1 quilting machines and have WAY more fabric than they did on my first visit. Best of all, I think I’ve found a purse/bag pattern similar to the bag I was carrying so I don’t have to figure out how to make it — just follow the instructions.

Finally today I started out at a garage sale where I picked up a couple of patterns, a piece of striped fabric and a new to me printer. Then on the way home we stopped by the book store and I picked up a quilt book on different log cabin quilts.

I’ve also quilted on my monochromatic table runner. I’ve been working on the binding the past couple of nights and should have it done in one more evening.

Tomorrow if it’s not too hot when I get up I’ll go to a quilt show. After that, it will be gearing up to go back to work.


2 Thoughts on “My Summer Vacation

  1. Lorraine Oubre on July 14, 2018 at 12:08 am said:

    Pam, that Quilt looks real nice. My, my, you surely have been busy. I love to follow what you are working on. Gives me inspiration. ( Lorraine Oubre in Louisiana )

  2. Cathy on July 15, 2018 at 1:41 pm said:

    WTG! My first quilt was made from scraps from the clothing I made for myself during my college years (1980) Including the cut off portions of my jeans…. lol I still have it altho it’s in rags. you can see part of it here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4395565252673&set=a.1083878102564.2013432.1394702774&type=3&theater

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