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Not Quite Halfway

Small as they are, I can only fit a dozen stars on my scanner bed.  Seven more done last night.  I’m not planning on doing any yard work tonight, so maybe I can get two sets of 7 done tonight.  Of course, I’m thinking about two other quilts and I’m itching to play in my fabric.

I’ve gotten the last name I need for the crossword puzzle quilt, which is really more of a Scrabble quilt, and now I need a “theme” for the rest of the fabric.  I’m leaning toward red —  which is probably the color I have the least of!  I wonder if it’s an unconscious decision so I can go fabric shopping?

The second quilt is one more that needs to go on my 7 by June, which would make it 8 by June if we hadn’t already added another quilt which means the count is up to 9 now!  At least the other quilt just needs quilting and I’ve been thinking about that as well.  But back to the second quilt.  I’m leaning toward using Bonnie Hunter’s Strip Twist and doing it in neutrals – scrappy of course.

My EQ drawing looks so elegant.  I hope my stash delivers. (Yes, shopping is required on this one for the border and backing).

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