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One of These Does Not Belong…

Well, it’s more a case of I only need 13 and I have 14.  I have to decide which one ‘does not belong’.

I can’t decide between pulling the red (5th from the left) or the green 2nd from the right.

The red leaps out as not belonging (although I suppose the same could be said about the gold.  But on the other hand those 3 green fabrics on the right nearly blend together.

I’m making a ‘stained glass’ quilt — bricks and blocks surrounded by black ‘leading’.

Well, I just pulled my cutting instructions.

It appears that the same # of pieces will be cut from 12 of the FQs, but only two smaller pieces will be cut from the 13th FQ.

So I think I’ll let the gold be my ‘unexpected pop of color’ and then pick one of the greens to cut the two smaller pieces.  This translates to I’m pulling the red.

It’s amazing how decisions are much easier to make when you sit down with all the information and work through it with a clear head.

Thanks for listening.

Now if I can just get the fabric cut between now and the class next Wednesday.

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