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This week I wanted to get two more rows of blocks sewn together. I got on a roll and finished up all the rows and started sewing the rows together. I even turned the two center blocks on the top row. Once I sewed the last seam I hung it up to photograph it.

Oops! That doesn’t look right.

Took me a minute but I figured it out. I had the top in two halves — that center seam was the last seam sewed. Apparently I sewed the top to the middle. Ugh! I see ripping in my future.

Upon closer look, the last block on the 3rd row appears to be turned as well. Fiddlesticks.

Does anyone see anything else?

3 Thoughts on “Oops

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  2. Sorry I can’t see the mistake. I might need to see a side by side afer you fix it. Hope you fingers get uysed to the new needles soon, keep at it, you’ll get the DWR done.

  3. It looks great to me. Am I missing something. I love the color scheme.

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