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What’s On My Design Wall


As I mentioned late Saturday night, I’ve gotten distracted. Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber suggested sending smaller quilts (48″ x 60″) to her quilt club would be a win-win. A veteran’s hospital would get a quilt and the UFO count could be reduced. I checked my spreadsheet and found one quilt top which was waiting on borders, and I found two partial block sets.

From the block sets and a couple of orphan blocks, I made the quilt top pictured above. The 2nd quilt top is on the design wall waiting for the sashing.



As soon as I get these in the mail, I’ll cross them off my “To Be Quilted” list and reduce the number of my UFOs (“Quilts In Progress” + “To Be Quilted”) by three. Then it will be back to the graduation quilt.

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Side Tracked


This is my Blue Ridge Beauty re-worked.  Previously it was two rows longer and needed borders, additional blocks or both. But I found a group who is looking for smaller quilts tops – 48″ x 60″ – so I removed a couple of rows and it now measures 48″ x 60″. I’ll move this top to the “To Be Quilted” list so I can record the ‘finish’ and then cross it off, reducing the number of UFOs. The two rows of removed blocks are now in the orphan block box.

I then pulled out the Red, White & Blue sampler blocks and the Victory Quilt blocks and found a few blocks in the orphan block box. With a bit of framing and sashing, I’ll be able to get two more of these smaller quilt tops.



As for the graduation quilt, it’s been gathered up and is now sitting in a million pieces on the corner of my desk.



Oops Repaired

Several people commented that they couldn’t see the problem on my Blue Ridge Beauty. Pictured here it is the before (left) and after (right) I fixed it. Still needs borders, but I’m pretty sure that’s going to require a run to the LQS.


This week I wanted to get two more rows of blocks sewn together. I got on a roll and finished up all the rows and started sewing the rows together. I even turned the two center blocks on the top row. Once I sewed the last seam I hung it up to photograph it.

Oops! That doesn’t look right.

Took me a minute but I figured it out. I had the top in two halves — that center seam was the last seam sewed. Apparently I sewed the top to the middle. Ugh! I see ripping in my future.

Upon closer look, the last block on the 3rd row appears to be turned as well. Fiddlesticks.

Does anyone see anything else?

What’s on my Design Wall

When I’ve not been working on the DWR or Cream & Green quilt, I’ve been sewing blocks into rows on Blue Ridge Beauty.  The rows still need sewing together, but I think I’ll wait until I get all of the rows sewn.  I ended up swapping two rows because I ended up with the same fabric next to each other when I got the last row on the wall.  I think I’ve also spotted a flaw in the design with the center two blocks on the first row.

They are just like what we (my DH did the final layout in EQ7) had in EQ, but when I started to draw the quilt larger I was having a tough time extending the pattern.   I think the top center two blocks is why.  I’ll play with it more before I get to the last row.

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What’s on my Design Wall

It’s something new — sort of .  My  Blue Ridge Beauty blocks which I started back in May in Bonnie Hunter’s class.  I’m making this roughly twin size.  I’m winging this as far as block placement goes.  I’m starting at the top of my stack of blocks and sewing them according to my layout diagram I printed from EQ7.

This was my leader/ender project, so now it’s time for a new one. I’m leaning toward Color Play in Volume one of Sew Scrappy Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection magazine.   (I looked for a link on the BH&G website and couldn’t find one. This link is the first one that came up when I did a web search).

I’ve gotten as far as dumping my 2 1/2″ precut squares on the ironing board.  I can’t decide if I want to let it be “anything goes” and just sew a lighter square to a darker square (probably the fastest way to get started) or pick a “theme”.  The quilt in the magazine used green, red, yellow and blue prints, stripes and polka dots.  Regardless of what I decide, I’ll have to buy the sashing and border fabric.  I don’t have 3 1/2 yards of a “solid” in any color — well, maybe bright yellow, but I don’t think that’s the answer.

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