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Procrastination Challenge – Report 2

Yes, I’ve finally finished the seam on the back of the Green and Cream quilt. Of course there are three more rows to do, but the challenge was just to ‘finish partial finished rows‘.  I can now in good conscience set this aside and do something else from my bag of  “UFO Quilt Steps”.

I promise this was not rigged.  Well, admittedly I didn’t put the next step of the Green and Cream quilt in the bag until I pulled the next challenge, but still.  Since I finally settled on a design for the Row Quilt and bought the fabric last week, I’ve been itching to work on this quilt.  I knew if I had the fabric washed, I couldn’t hold back, so now I’ve got to wash the fabric so I can start making those square in a square blocks.

Of course I’ve not totally focused on the Cream and Green quilt.  I was supposed to be quilting the Crossword Puzzle quilt, but got stymied when I discovered the backing scrunched.  So I worked on Mom’s Chain of Stars, this month’s UFO.

Yesterday I decided to quilt the Crossword Puzzle quilt on the longarm and now have a rental appointment.  But what to do with the sticky batting?  Cut it up and work on baby quilts.  Mom’s Chain of Stars is now quilted, bound and labeled.

Since I need to wait for the Row Quilt fabric to wash, I’m going to see about quilting another baby quilt. I still have a lot of sticky batting.

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