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QA Progress Report

Just a quick note of my progress on this week’s goals so far.

  • Get at least two rings on Row 5 quilted on the DWR – 1/2 of the last block on row 4 done.
  • Quilt at least two blocks on my Cream & Green quilt – have one done
  • Rip out the quilting I’ve already done on the Cream & Green quilt – have ripped out 3 of the six
  • Write up entry for Amy’s Creative Side – Blogger’s Quilt Festival – written and ready to post tomorrow.

Off to work on the DWR.  I wonder what I can find to watch on television tonight?

2 Thoughts on “QA Progress Report

  1. Thursdays just aren’t the same without Survivor and ER at my house. I’ll be watching CSI and the Mentalist. Way to finish row 4! Go Pam Go!

  2. You’re definitely busy girl, but with that ripping out, I’m not sure which way you’re going…LOL.
    Hope all that stablizes for you and you found something better on tv than I did..geeez! Thursday was better with Survivor! Hugs, Finn

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