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QA Wednesday

Simple goals last week:

  • Keep working on the DWR – Did quilt some, but not enough
  • Piece 2 SBS Blocks – Pieced one block
  • Finish the Fairy Frost Sunset top – Finished Saturday night

Did I accomplish everything — no.  Did I good off –no.  Instead I got distracted by other quilting.  I’m sure no one has had that happen.

There was the “Modern DP9” which I quilted and bound — in pink from my stash:

The turquoise and purple dragonflies:

And the Love quilt for Head Start at the church where the guild meets:

With the summer dramas on USA and TNT off the air, I need to find something new to “watch” while I quilt.  But if I can’t find anything I still  need to make progress on my DWR.  So there is just one goal this week.

  • Quilt on the DWR — at least one hour a day –perhaps 2.

It’s lofty but if I cut out the piecing for at least a week, maybe I can see some head way.  I really wanted to have 4 rows finished by now and I’ve only got 2 1/2 rows done.

Check out the links over at Bari’s to see if anyone else got distracted last week.

5 Thoughts on “QA Wednesday

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one missing the USA/TNT dramas! My favorites were Burn Notice (family favorite), White Collar, Royal Pains, Memphis Beat and Leverage.

    Got to admit the networks aren’t filling in with much although Hawaii 5-0 has been a hit with both me, DH & DS1, The Good Wife just came back on (taped it last night so have not seen it yet) and of course Mad Men and Glee.

    Glad you’re keeping your DWR on the front burner, I hope to get back to mine. I’m in a handwork phase right now which I expect to last most of October but after that I hope to get the applique work on mine done so I can piece the top and add it to the pile of quilting planned for November.

    P.S. There’s been no posts from the Connecting Threads DWR chat group so it looks like you are carrying the banner for all of us!

    • I missed the 1st episode of Hawaii 5-0 due to the quilt retreat. Didn’t even think about it this week after watching DWTS – but then I like Castle. Will make an effort to watch Hawaii 5-0 next week.

  2. USA/TNT and Fall season starting, My DVR is already working overtime with all the new FALL shows on the Network. How will I ever get any quilting done, watching all the shows I DVR-ed. I did finish the stitching down on one binding last night. Where are you in KC?? I might be coming your way soon…son is in ARMY near there.

  3. I love the colors of the D9P! What a wonderful quilt for a baby!

    I can so relate to getting distracted by other quilting things….LOL. You got a LOT done, even if it wasn’t exactly what you had planned.

    Hopefully the new fall shows will give you enough incentive to get your time in on your DWR.

    Good job!

  4. I just LOVE the little dragonflies!

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