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Star Struck Progress

Each month I list out what I want to accomplish during the month.  Sometimes it’s easily done, other times I’m overly optimistic -or get distracted. Unless I don’t sleep or take the next two days off from work, this is going to be an optimistic/distracted  month.

One of my goals for the month was to “Make progress on Star Struck”.  Furthermore somewhere I defined the progress as completing at least 20 blocks — which would get all of the blue blocks made.    Well, I’ve finished those blue blocks, made a couple of red blocks and sewed the squares on the rest of the red units.  If I I had been thinking, I would have been using this quilt as my leader/ender project instead of Blue Ridge Beauty.  Oh well.

Regardless, I’ll be able to say “Done” to Make Progress on Star Struck on Thursday.

Now to “Make progress on the Cream & Green quilt”.  Does uncovering it again count?

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