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Quilting Habit

It was less than a week ago I said I would work on my scraps for 30 minutes a week and report it on my Sunday Stash Report.   I nearly forgot!

Step 1 was to deal with the batik scraps after I finished the batik quilt and pillowcase.  I may have cheated.  I simply folded them up and put them in my shoebox of batiks.  But they are not laying on my ironing board so perhaps it’s not cheating.

Step 2 deal with the top box — the one that I called my stirring box.

countdowntask3 -scraps


My 2″ strip box got dumped in there, along with some of my wider strips so this should be an easy box — simply pull out the strips and fold them into the box.

After 15 – 20 minutes (I spent an hour working on the pillowcase and scraps) I had sorted out these.



They are now folded up and in the 2″ strip box.



I’m only keeping strips which are 12″ long as strips, the rest will get cut down into either bricks or squares, but for now will reside in the box.  I’ll work on the box again later in the week.

One Thought on “Quilting Habit

  1. I have a few scraps to deal with in my quilting Zone. Good for you to get on it early in the month! Scrap Collection is a Fun Habit. I used many of my pre-cut scraps in my Grand Illusion this year.

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