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Re-Designing a UFO

About 6 years ago I was in a swap and received 24 black and bright blocks.  I then started drawing in EQ to find a design.  After many ideas I ended up with the one above.  During the design process I considered doing some applique. Yeah, right – that idea was quickly scrapped, but not before making a wall hanging to coordinate with the quilt I’m planning on making. (The colors are WAY off in the picture below).

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to a UFO retreat – not that it would matter if I worked on something new, but I thought it might be a good time to pull out the swap blocks.  So, I’ve been studying my EQ drawing.

In the drawing, the corner knots are 8″ finished and the sashing is 1″.  In the wall hanging they finish at 4″. No big deal. But I’m also looking at how to deal with the swap blocks which are not all 12 1/2″ before I set them into the quilt.

I considered sashing the blocks with green/turquoise/green — but per EQ, I don’t have enough fabric for that option, so I went back the drawing board.  Along the way I wondered if the 8″ knot were going to look ‘weird’.    But what if I go with the same size knot as in the wall hanging?  It wouldn’t take as much fabric (1 1/2″ pieced sashing instead of 3″ pieced sashing).


I pinned my center blocks on the wall hanging.  In person I like it.  But I wonder whether or not it will translate when I do the next round of blocks.  I guess it’s back to EQ.

2 Thoughts on “Re-Designing a UFO

  1. Thank heavens for EQ, no fabric is cut in the making of a virtual quilt. I like the arrangement you have in the first picture. I may have to break out my SWAP blocks at my Retreat this summer.

  2. dezertsuz on April 15, 2013 at 1:23 pm said:

    Oh, I do like the whole thing!

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