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What’s On My Design Wall


Today it is my ‘design ironing board’.  It’s strips sets for a Scrappy Trips.  I’ve been sewing pairs together.  I’ve got them laid out in bundles of 3 pairs to see how many more strips I need to cut.  I stopped after sewing half of my strips to see how many more I need.  Since I’m aiming for a quilt about 60 x 80, I need to cut another 48 strips to add to the mix.

I really thought I was further along than I am.  Hum…I wonder if I want a smaller quilt?

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. I am loving this scrappy trip. Love the colors you’ve chosen! Slow and steady gets you there. I know that’s not the really saying but they are words of encouragements!!

  2. I am still working very slowly on my scrappy trips. I have had the same thought about size.

  3. I have a scrappy trip, too, but it is still in my mind. I have been thinking of using all those novelty fabrics that just seem to appear in my stash and never get used.

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