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Ready to Quilt

The zippers are on the backing and top.  I have my thread (King Tut #920 Sands of Time on top.  Bottom Line Pre-wound bobbins probably #603 Red) and batting (Warm & Natural) ready to go.  And I have decided on how I’m going to quilt the top — free-hand Baptist Fans.  I suspect this is going to take me longer than the 2 hours I have reserved on Saturday morning.  Perhaps I’ll get lucky and no one will have reserved the 2nd slot and I can keep going.

The backing is a Cranston Print Works 60″ wide fabric.  My guess is it’s from the early 90’s.

One Thought on “Ready to Quilt

  1. I’ve never used the zippers. Do they rent them out so you can prep the quilt at home? Have fun making Baptist Fans. I think I’d get confused on where to go if I did them ‘freehand’. So nice to see another completion this year, huh??

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