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Shhh…Don’t Tell

deadline2 thread

No additional progress has been made on Eeyore since last night, but I’ve started the quilting on the project that I would like to have finished by the 1st.  If I wasn’t going to the retreat, I think I might make it.  I’ve got half the sashing quilted and figured out a way to quilt the sashing in the other direction which doesn’t require a lot of starts and stops. Who knows, maybe I’ll take it with me and work on it if there is enough room.

As for the picture…I can’t believe how well the thread blends. I thought for sure I would be able to see it on the back.  The arrow is pointing to some of the stitching…it’s tough to see except in a close up. Click on the picture below to see that I really have been quilting.

deadline2 threadclose

One Thought on “Shhh…Don’t Tell

  1. Nice to get it done regardless of needing to work in something else. That color is Bright. I have to unwind some thread and puddle it on the fabric to choose what color I want to use. On the spool it is too intense. Have a fun Retreat!

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